The Power of Forgiveness – workshop with Dave Schock in Warsaw

Reclaiming your Truth

Workshop with Dave Schock

May 17th-19th 2019
Warsaw, Poland


Dear Friends of the Heart,


Both A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery have one direction for students – to seek out the unloving thoughts that still live in the mind, and bring them to the Holy Spirit for correction.

Yet what does this mean, in practice? And are there different levels of „thought,” and how are they each brought up for healing?

What if we learned to see the body is not separate from the mind, but a part of it, a holding place of unhealed „thought”? What if a backache is as much a „thought” needing healing as is a fearful idea in the mind? How, then, is THIS brought to Holy Spirit for correction?

Jesus/Jeshua asks us in The New Testament to „love our enemies” – an act beyond forgiveness OF a person or event, to LOVING it.  At a deeper level, our „enemies” can be seen as the unloving thoughts we are holding that are causing our pain. For we are free, and create our experience by freely choosing what we allow to live in our minds, the quality of consciousness that we are placing our attention on. This, not external people or events, creates our life, world and experience.

To unveil the unloving thoughts, and EMBRACE them, then, is a way to „love our enemies”, and to see that forgiveness means not only that no one, and no thing, did anything to us, but always that something is being done FOR us, a message being sent.

This is the meaning of all events, however they might be seen by the world. When we embrace them (though as a human being, this can take a lot of time in some cases!), we receive the wisdom the messenger would bring us. This is the fruit of forgiveness.


The dream of separation is wholly illusory, but that does not mean it is not important, because of who is doing the dreaming; the child of God. For as it is a dream of the child of God, it is also where the child awakens, in their own free choice, and their own time, not by avoiding it, and calling it unreal, but by ENGAGING it fully, with LOVING AWARENESS.

The forms and events in the dream all have meaning, for all events in this world act to aid our awakening to truth, and return to love.  Central to the dream is the experience of the body, but the body  is NOT separate from the mind, but PART OF IT. A feeling of sadness is as much part of the mind as a sore toe, or a pang of hunger, or an idea of spiritual brilliance. All are here for your awakening, when embraced fully.

The experience of the body is the way we awaken, when given to Holy Spirit. It is the communion link with God! To access this deeper, unconscious part of mind/thought (that we might be tempted to think of as a separate „body”) , and bring it to Holy Spirit for healing, is what we will explore in depth.

The Way of Mastery Living Practices of Radical Inquiry and Loves Breath are the two main foundations of this process. They are designed for this sacred purpose, and we will learn more about them, how they were developed, and why they are an essential part of Jesus/Jeshua’s progression of teachings, starting with A Course in Miracles, and going through The Way of Mastery.

More importantly, we will devote time to applying and experiencing them directly, and also learn how to use them after the workshop is over!

* (note from Dave– Radical Inquiry is the most powerful healing skill I have seen, and a true „Crown Jewel” of Jeshua’s teachings, perhaps the most important I have found in over 30 years with ACIM and WOM).

In addition, we will be delving into Jeshua’s final teaching given to His disciples prior to His ascension – Laugh, Dance, Sing, Play, and do one outrageous thing a day! So bring your party music, dancing shoes, and a favorite joke or two!

I am looking forward to meeting you.



Dave is a channel for Jeshua as well, and there will be a sharing for the group, directly from Jeshua, during the workshop, likely on the Saturday afternoon.


After many years of practicing A Course In Miracles and later The Way of Mastery and through his own personal experiences derived from this practice Dave is able to demonstrate beautifully the differences and similarities between these two teachings from Jeshua. He is happy to answer any questions that may arise from students of the Course or The Way of Mastery.


A trained yoga teacher, Dave will also lead a short and gentle, but powerful „Yoga for All” session (this can be done in a chair if you like!) each morning. Dave designed this class to benefit everyone regardless as to age, or fitness level, seeing that there is much to be gained from the most basic practices of yoga, but people who need it most often do not go to yoga classes. These are very helpful practices that you can take home with you, and just 2-5 minutes a day of practicing these can bring big benefits.




Friday, May 17th: 6 pm – 8.30 pm
Saturday, May 18th: 10 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)
Sunday, May 19th: 10 am – 5 pm (with lunch break)

Irena Strzelecka Conference Room in Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne SPOŁEM (II floor)
Warsaw, Grażyny 13

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the opening to register and take a seat.
Please be punctual.

COST: 500 zloty
The cost includes workshop, plus snacks on Saturday and Sunday
(cookies, fruits, cold beverages)

Email: spotkania@drogamistrzostwa.pl
In your registration email please give us your name and the date: 17-19.05.2019.
and we will send you all additional info.