Christ Mind: Immersion in the Way – gathering with Jayem in Warsaw, June 2019


Gathering with Jayem

June 13, 2019
Warsaw, Poland

Join Jayem, channel for Jeshua’s (Jesus) Way of Mastery Pathway, and a leading teacher of this Christ Path for a truly transforming day in the alchemy of Love’s Power! Far more than mere concept and theory, the Way of Mastery contains the direct guidance of Jeshua (Jesus) regarding the alchemy by which Consciousness is transformed in Christed Presence. Our day will contain:

  • The Vision of the Christ: what is it, truly?
  • The role of the body; the precious gift of Time; the ‘signs’ that genuine waking is occurring in us.
  • LovesBreath: Learn what breath really is, how to open to it, and why Jeshua refers to it as the presence of the holy spirit
  • Radical Inquiry: developing genuine honesty, the importance and role of feeling, and how Love actually heals the roots of illusion.
  • Love or Fear: what if Love OF our Fear is the Doorway to transformation? (And, HOW to ‘french kiss the devil’!)
  • Aramaic Chanting and Dance: How Jeshua actually integrated sound, breath, and movement to effect the healing of perception AND activate the body itself as a ‘channel’ of God’s Love.

Our sacred Time together will include the opportunity to abide with Jayem in communion with Jeshua in an intimate Q&A format.



Thursday, June 13th: 10 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)

Irena Strzelecka Conference Room in Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne SPOŁEM (II floor)
Warsaw, Grażyny 13

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the opening to register and take a seat.
Please be punctual.

COST: 250 zloty
The cost includes workshop and snacks (cookies, fruits, cold beverages)

Email: spotkania@drogamistrzostwa.pl
In your registration email please state your name and the date: 13.06.2019
and we will send you all additional info.