Money Transfer via TransfeWise Platform

Transfer Wise mediates between banks which will save you money you would normally spend on the international bank transfer. If you want to use Transfer Wise to send us money, here are the bank details and instructions to follow.

Go to: https://transferwise.com. Make sure you put the correct amount you want to send us in Polish currency (PLN) in the „Recipient gets” box and select PLN for the currency. It will automatically show you the equivalent in the currency you are using to pay that amount in your bank. Then: „Get started”. Then you you will need to register/log in, puting in your name and the country you are sending the money from. Then follow the instructions. When you pick who you are sending the money to, please select: „Business or charity”.

Here is our bank info that you will need:
PL 37 1140 2004 0000 3602 7830 4528
• Business name:
M. Werezynska i R. Werezynski S.C.
• Bank transfer title / Reference for… (IMPORTANT!)
your name and surname, date of the event
BIC/SWIFT of our bank