Testimonials about Israel Elijah Joy

Israel is a wonderful Teacher of the Way Of Mastery, a beautiful Soul and our dear Friend, who accepted our invitation to teach a workshop in Antoniów, Poland in May 2020. Here are some testimonials of the participants who were at his workshop in March 2019 in Antoniow, Poland:

This was the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most beloved workshop I participated in. And it all thanks to you! And thanks to your Love, all encompassing Joy and infinite Honesty. Thank you, dear one. [and thanks to all my Sisters and Brothers, who made this workshop so beautiful. Thank you all!

Honesty, truth, authenticity and the simplicity of the message – they all emanate from you, Israel. I am so grateful for that time we spent in Antoniów.

Israel, your workshop is a pure Presence, Joy, Celebration. You took me into the darkest depth of death and the deepest experience of Love, Understanding the perfection of every moment and how much I love everyone. I am grateful for you and our encounter. I love you and see you again!

While sitting down to write this testimonial I feel an enormous gratitude for all the experiences of those days we all spent together. All encompassing Gratitude, Love and Joy were the fruit of a release and healing of something that was accompanying me since my first remembered memories. It was a great obstacle on my way to discover Love and Christ within me. Thank you BELOVED Israel for bestowing upon us your readiness to receive everything in Love and for the REAL EXPERIENCE of that receiving you passed on us – in Breath and in Presence. I love you, dear Israel!

Israel, I am very grateful for your workshop – it’s been two weeks since it ended and I’m still reliving it. Thank you for that space you helped us create – space to quieten down, to share our emotions, to dance and play. Wonderful energy has been created that I could feel with my whole being, for the first time so clearly. Thank you for guiding us in Love’s Breath, it led me to a great joy. Thank you for you openness, honesty and sense of humour.

Meeting with you was for me a very special experience, experience that irreversibly changed my heart on all levels of existence (including the physical level).

Thank you for showing up for us in Antoniow, even if you didn’t feel quite ready for it. Thank you for answering the Call with trust.

Thank you for your Mastery, which is Love and Humility, that kept opening my heart wider and wider with every moment and which let me experience myself and „others” WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and in complete INNOCENCE.

This experience of relinquishment of judgement was especially opening and transforming for me on every level. I feel like I received a new heart, that now is continually settling in my physical body – and in other bodies – which shows up as trembling, crazy heart beating, extending, rumbling, etc.

The relinquishment of judgement opened up a flow of Love, which is the kind of experience that is impossible to put in earthly words, so it’s difficult to describe. It is so extraordinary like it’s not from here.

And it still lasts.

The recognition of myself in the eyes of „other Beings” is like touching the deepest mystery.

It’s the kind of ride, kind of adventure that once started is really hard to stop…

Thank you.

I also want to thank you for being an extremely transparent and clear channel of evincing of God’s will for all of us.

Thank you for your openess, honesty, brilliant sense of humour, lightness and intuition.

Thank you for the space you left us, which was really important for me.

Thank you for pauses, for breaths, for silence – for there were so many things happening in silence.

Thank you for even greater understanding – through experience – of WHAT BREATH IS.

Thank you for the extraordinary practice of Love’s Breath with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for the experience of channeling the Christ Lineage, which for me on physical level was like an unimaginable enveloping with a very warm energy. I felt it especially in my hands – they couldn’t cool off for a long time after that. Perhaps they still are warm.

Thank you for the morning Shalu.
For the songs. For your voice.
For emotions.
For the dessert you brought for me from the kitchen.
For all you CREATED in such a beautiful way. For everything you guided and integrated. For your DESIRE from which arose the vastness of what we could experience TOGETHER.
And for the hope of repetition – and not one!

Because if that’s true that you are just beginning to warm up, that must mean we are to meet again!

With Love,

Dear Israel, thanks to your support and presence I have been born again. I trust that we’ll be able to meet again soon. I am not able to put my own gratitude, feeling of being touched and to describe the transformation I could experience thanks to your support in such beautiful language as Kasia did… Big hugs in Love and gratitude!

Thank you Israel for bringing so many important qualities to my mind, for the contact with those spheres that I forgot belong to me. You became for me the messenger bringing a new dimension of a sublime message that I can read, accept and enjoy. Thank you for the invaluable demonstration that awoke my memory. This is the highest level, the purest essence, the greatest and dearest helpers. This is a great gift for me that I joyously accept from you. I love you and thank you, dear Brother, Master and Friend.