Workshop with Sarah in March 2020 in Warsaw

Due to the current situation in Poland (canceled flights and closing the borders for foreigners), the workshop with Sarah is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.


workshop with Sarah Thompson Sandala,
Teacher of A Way of Mastery Pathway
from Canada

March 27-29th, 2020
Warsaw, Poland

Self-love is the pathway to perfect peace.
Self-love opens all the doors.
Self-love dissolves every illusion.

~ Way of Knowing

Hello Beloved Friends!

Welcome to you all! This is an invitation to come and join us in the remembering and celebration of our Sacred Self and the Love that we all are and always have been.

We often come into relationship with ourselves, and therefore with everything and everyone from a limited perspective of who and what we are. Although we have an imagined idea of what we are, having studied it in the many spiritual practices we have engaged in, does your heart not long to KNOW and FEEL the essence of your being more intimately, in the very form that you currently embody? Do you not long to be moved and inspired in each moment, from the felt certainty of your ultimate Freedom and the Love that you are? Are you ready to remember, down into the very cells of your being, the TRUTH of what you are?

Now, we invite YOU to come to explore and FEEL the deeper essence of what you are, so that this known feeling of your Self can lead the way, as God herself lives through you and as you.  Come and join us in celebrating the freedom of creative expression, in the complete and absolute Love that sustains us all.

We will join, as one, in absolute equality, to enjoy sharing in our Knowing through group exercises and movement, dancing, loves breath and fun!! All that is needed is your willingness!

Love abounds… it is the soft lullaby, the crisp air, the breath that sustains us, the sweetness of a flowers fragrance and the light of the moon as it shines on new fallen snow. It is the water that nourishes us, and the mountains that move us and shake us. Love is the touch that breaks open the heart and inspires us to Remember.

Come, to play, in the frequency of Love; that which we all are.

With Love and Joy,


Here is the link to the interview with Sarah



March 27-29th, 2020

Friday, March 27th: 6 pm – 8 pm
Saturday, March 28th: 10 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)
Sunday, March 29th: 10 am – 5 pm (with lunch break)

Please arrive between 5:15 pm and 5:45 pm on Friday, March 27th to register and take a seat. The workshop will start at 6 pm. Please be on time.


„Green” Conference Room (Polish: „Sala Zielona”)
in Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne SPOŁEM (ground floor)
Warsaw, Grażyny 13 Street

500 PLN 

The cost includes workshop (Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday), tea and coffee


To express your desire to participate in this event please fill in and send THE REGISTRATION FORM.

To make a reservation please send us 500 zloty to our bank account (we will send you the account number after you send us the registration form).

To fill in the registration form, please CLICK HERE


There is an option of booking the room (limited amount) at a discounted price in the same place where the session room is. The password for a discounted price is: Workshop with Sarah. We are not booking the rooms for the participants. If you are interested in making a reservation there, please contact the hotel directly.

double room (with two beds) – 175 zloty
double room (with one bed) – 175 zloty
triple room – 205 zloty
4 person room – 245 zloty

Contact: pokoje@csk-spolem.pl


Here is what we suggest for you to bring to the workshop:
– water bottle/s
– pen and a notebook
– comfortable clothing
– any „accessories” that may help you feel more comfortable (like a blanket, yoga mat or a cushion)