Power of Desire – workshop with Israel

Intensive workshop with Israel Elijah Joy

March 20th – 24th, 2019
 Antoniów near Jelenia Góra, Poland


Beloved Friends,

Where do you place the passion of your desire, truly?

Take some deep breaths and give this question some attention. For what we desire we do indeed experience. It is very important.

How often have you felt inert, stuck or confused as your thirst for peace, love and joy seem contested by the lifethat appears to happen before you?

Could it be that you are creating this experience with an out-picturing of opposing desires?

The purification of Desire. The reclaiming of our Power to choose consciouslyand to see that choice manifest as experience, this is what we will be focussing upon in our time together.

We will explore…

  • Where does opposition to Love persist in my mind?
  • Where do I play out old unconscious patterns of thinking?
  • What ancient desires to know fear yet remain empowered in my life?
  • What am I experiencing now? How am I creating this? 



These questions and more will be our foundation. Using the tools of The Way of Mastery Pathway, its teachings and living practices, as given by Jeshua and cultivated by Jayem.

We will immerse ourselves in the essence of what is Truly desired, minute by minute and day by day.

With LovesBreath, Radical Inquiry and Holy Spirit we will encourage each other into embracing that which we have previously desired into creation.  And to gently focus our will into wanting what we actually want, truly and wholly now.

What is being offered?

There will be an introduction to and a facilitation of LovesBreath. Learning how to relax our controlling mind and body, letting the Love of Spirit gently descend into form and allowing that Love, through the breath, to transform and awaken.

Engaging the breath, in the body, to open the mind to its own deeper patterns of thought and belief. Inquiring into the choices and the hidden desires that have been secretly driving the vehicle of our consciousness for some time, and offering the possibility to choose for something new.

Using sound, breath, movement, presence and stillness to attune the body/mind, with Soul, Spirit and God. This will be a morning practice to awaken the body and prepare for the coming day.

The holy word Ahbwoon, signifying the Father Mother energy, miraculously birthing Itself through the breath of Life into the forms of ALL creation, residing in the very essence of our own physical, spiritual being. Chanting this Divine sound conditions the body and mind to receive the LovesBreath and to attune to the Light of the Holy Spirit.

In addition to these living practiceswe will LAUGH, DANCE and PLAY every day. There will be a channeling of the Christ Lineage through Israel and a ceremony in celebration of our Wholeness.

Will you join with us in this purification of our Desire and a wonderful co-creation of Love?


Biały Dom Retreat Center
Antoniów 44 (near Jelenia Góra)

March 20- 24, 2019

We start with dinner at 6 pm and opening gathering at 8 pm. Please arrive between 3 and 5 pm to register and unpack before dinner. Our gathering will end with lunch on Sunday at 2 pm.


1200 zloty (approximately 300 Euro, 260 Pounds) via TransferWise
The price includes: workshop, vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation
(4 nights in double and triple bed rooms with bathroom and one 4 beds room)

Email address (Maria and Rafal):

Biały Dom where our retreat is taking place is located in the beautiful village near Izery Mountains. It is surrounded by mountains, woods and meadows and welcomes you to relax and meditate.
See the photo gallery of the reatreat center.

1. The closest airport are in Wroclaw (2 hours drive to the venue) and Warsaw (5 hours drive) and getting to the retreat center by car is the easiest and the fastest way.

2. You could also get on the direct train to Jelenia Góra (from Wroclaw it’s a 2 hours travel – with a very frequent connections and from Warsaw it’s 5,5 hours up to 9 hours travel depending on the connection) and then with a taxi to Antoniów.