Workshop with Israel in Antoniów, Poland: May 19th – 24th, 2020

– event cancelled

Workshop with Israel Elijah Joy,

Teacher of the Way of Mastery Pathway from England

May 19th – 24th, 2020
Antoniów near Jelenia Góra, Poland

Beloved Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I announce our next gathering together where we will explore and expand our knowing of Trust and Surrender.

Trust is such a simple word and yet it holds the key to unlocking the power of Heaven as it would show up through you.

It is through your unwavering Trust that the Divine knows your readiness to Receive and extend the Truth and Power of Herself. When Trust becomes a constant and infinite field through your mind, in which all things can be embraced, allowed and welcomed, then you will experience the full power of your own Divinity.

So what is your relationship with Trust?

Where do you draw the line? Where do you allow the energy of fear to hold a boundary around your trusting of God and Creation?

Where do you say to God, “I will trust you up to here, but that is my threshold, beyond that ‘I know’ I must assume control again in order to keep myself safe, because I don’t trust that You will!”?

Where do you attempt to control the next moment, to plan the next day, the next week or year, in order to avoid the imagined calamities your ego insists is waiting for you? Where do you fear emptiness and not doing?

Or where do you deny the whisperings of Spirit deep within you Soul for fear of where they may lead you?

This is a huge topic for the ego, to actually accept in the Goodness of God, on Earth as She is in Heaven. To Trust in Life itself goes against everything the ego thinks it knows.

The fruit of deepening Trust is the deepening relaxation of surrender; to let go fully and freely into allowing the flow of Grace that Life is to lead you, to be you, to Heal you. So that the Wholeness of your being as Creation is felt, known and Lived now.

This is the foundation of our time together, exploring Trust and welcoming home the fears that insist upon our contractions against it. We will come together with the distinct commitment to release ourselves from fearful control (the opposite of Trust), and to rest back into the stream of Love that life is, together. This workshop will formulate a wonderful step in our ongoing processes to learn to Trust fully and wholly in this life.

We will be diving into LovesBreath, sharing circles, Radical Inquiry, Shalu (dance, breath, sound, movement, stillness and presence), we will have fun, eat amazing food and support and Love one another into greater wholeness through Trust and Surrender.

There will be a channeling during our time together. A beautiful opportunity to bathe in the frequencies of Christ with our Brothers and Sisters of this Lineage; to hear their words and to feel their presence together within our own beings.

I am extremely excited to be coming back to Poland and sharing the joy and the power of this work with you all once more.




Biały Dom Retreat Center
Antoniów 44 (near Jelenia Góra)

May 19th – 24th, 2020

We start with dinner at 6 pm and opening gathering at 8 pm. Please arrive between 3 and 5 pm to register and unpack before dinner. Our gathering will end with lunch on Sunday at 2 pm.


COST: 1800 zloty

The price includes: workshop, vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation (5 nights in double and triple bed rooms with bathroom and one 4 beds room)


The list of the participants for this event is full now.

To make a reservation please send us a non-returnable deposit of 600 zloty to our bank account (we will send you the account number after you send us the registration form). Please pay the rest of the amount till May 5th, 2020.


Biały Dom where our retreat is taking place is located in the beautiful village near Izery Mountains. It is surrounded by mountains, woods and meadows and welcomes you to relax and meditate. See the photo gallery of the reatreat center.


Biały Dom offers healthy, varied and delicious vegan food prepared by a wonderful vegan chef and his crew. See the photo gallery.


1. The closest airports are in Wroclaw (2 hours drive to the venue) and Warsaw (5 hours drive) and getting to the retreat center by car is the easiest and the fastest way.
2. You could also get on the direct train to Jelenia Góra (from Wroclaw it’s a 2 hours travel – with a very frequent connections and from Warsaw it’s 5,5 hours up to 9 hours travel depending on the connection) and then with a taxi to Antoniów.

Any additional info about the event: spotkania@drogamistrzostwa.pl (Maria and Rafal)
For Polish flyer for the event, click here.

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