Workshop with Yumi in Warsaw ~ January 2020

 ~ Restoration of Feminine & Masculine Aspects of Soul ~
3 Day Workshop from January 18-20, 2020


Sacred Intimacy
1 Day Deepening Workshop on January 21, 2020

with Yumi GraceStream,
Teacher of A Way of Mastery Pathway
from Japan

And here are a few words of invitation from Yumi:

Hello Dear Friends,

My Heart feels so warm and precious as I feel your presence… Because I am coming to see you all next January to offer the 3-day workshop: Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, and the 1-day deepening workshop: Sacred Intimacy, invited by my Beloved Sister and Brother, Maria and Rafal.

I came to the Way Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene over 10 years ago, without knowing anything about it at all! And now, I’m finding myself enjoying serving as a Happy Conduit of Spirit/God. It’s a miracle and mystery, indeed, that this Shift happened in the depth of my soul that was once deeply fused to Separation Syndrome of souls: guilt, unworthiness, self-hatred, victimhood, and all others that we could name…

If I could raise one thing that is most critical and thus helpful for allowing this Shift (from Separation to Union with God) to happen, some of you might be surprised yet it is RESTORING Feminine Qualities/Frequencies. What are those?… they are Receptivity/Sensitivity/Vulnerability… which are still yet very much distorted, hated and buried…

Humanity is in great need of restoring those Feminine Qualities. For a long time, power and strength has been misused by mankind to try to have and then keep their own kingdoms by Edging God Out, which has resulted in wars, conflicts, assaults, exploitations, etc.

By restoring the gentleness of Allowance of all things, surrendering to the Invisible, God, through every breath, and flowering the capacities to feel what is within, soften what is rigid within, the fertile soils are prepared in the body, on the earth, so that the Divine can penetrate into us and extend Its Creation (not our own creations) through/as humanity… Thus, Feminine Aspect/Qualities within us can be integrated with Masculine Aspect within us, as Creation That extends the good, the holy, and the beautiful… and Creation is Active in nature.

Soul is neither male nor female, but the Union of Wholeness, which embraces both of Softness and Strength, Patience and Thrusting, Receiving and Giving. We, as Soul, therefore, regardless of gender, are ALSO called to develop Masculine Aspect of Activeness.

As Jeshua shared: The divine feminine is the root foundational frequency that emanates from the unknown mystery of Godfirst, It is the womb from which all else arises… The divine feminine comes first. The divine births the infinite womb of potentialitythat which holds all things,that which in all things rest and reside…

Imagine, if we learn how to restore and integrate this Divine Feminine Aspect and Divine Masculine Aspect in our own being more fully and start living out of this Union, how much truthful and graceful our daily moments will become in the relational realm while embracing our humanity: woman, man, non gender…

After 3-Day immersion, we have the 1-Day Deepening: Sacred Intimacy… Where we will focus on the exploration into what is genuine intimacy, what is the purpose of the body truly, what is sacredness in relationships, and will bring the new realization into the living relational realm with sanctified seeing through experiential contexts… As Jeshua teaches, True Knowing is not a concept. It is direct and immediate and only available when our entire being is open to and receive It… throughout body/mind, heart, soul, feeling/senses, breath… This one day deepening will allow us to see deeper, to go into our entire field of being deeper based on what we find in the first 3 Days… ummm… it would be very constructive use of time…! I truly encourage everyone tocome to both to maximize benefits that those two will offer…

The two workshops are supported powerfully by the Way teachings tools that are:

  • 5 Streams of Human Energies (Sadness, Fear, Anger, Joy, Sexuality) Dis-inhibition work (how to accessthose core human energies and feel through and be done with them)
  • Breath of Love & Light (LovesBreath)
  • Self Root Core Inquiry (Self version of Radical Inquiry)
  • Ecstatic Dance with Breath of Love & Light
  • Gentle Movement/Flow
  • Presencing

Now… in my quiet Heart, feeling about joining with them to co-create a context of the sacred circle, I feel the Presence of Christ Council (The Lineage), Who are already sending LIGHT to this gathering…

Beloved Friends, I warmly invite you to come and join us for this Experiential, Transformative Sacred Playground of laugh, cry, dance, sing, silence and more in the Womb of Divine Feminine!

I am very much Looking forward to joining with each one of you next January in Poland!!

Blessings in Delight

Yumi GraceStream (YouMe)




3 Day Workshop:

Saturday, January 18th: 10 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)
Sunday, January 19th: 10 am – 6 pm (with lunch break)
Monday, January 20st: 10 am – 5 pm (with lunch break)

1 Day Deepening Workshop:

Tuesday, January 21st: 10 am – 5 pm (with lunch break)

Please arrive between 9.00 and 9:30 am on Saturday to register and take a seat. The workshop will start at 10 am. Please be on time.


Irena Strzelecka Conference Room
in Centrum Szkoleniowo-Konferencyjne SPOŁEM (II floor)
Warsaw, Grażyny 13 Street


750 PLN (3 days) or 900 PLN (4 days)

The cost includes workshop (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) and snacks (cookies, fruits, cold beverages, tea, coffee).


To express your desire to participate in this event please fill in and send THE REGISTRATION FORM.

To make a reservation please send us a non-returnable deposit of 250 zloty to our bank account (we will send you the account number after you send us the registration form). Please pay the rest of the amount till January 8th, 2020.

To fill in the registration form, please CLICK HERE.


There is an option of booking the room (limited amount) at a discounted price in the same place where the session room is. The password for a discounted price is: Workshop with Yumi. We are not booking the rooms for the participants. If you are interested in making a reservation there, please contact the hotel directly.

single room – 145 PLN (only two rooms available in this category)
double room (with two beds) – 175 zloty
double room (with one bed) – 175 zloty
triple room – 205 zloty
4 person room – 245 zloty

Contact: pokoje@csk-spolem.pl

For Polish flyer for the event, click here.


Please bring with you to the workshop:
– a blanket or yoga mat and a cushion
– a loose layered clothing
– slippers (or warm socks)
– water bottle/s.


After receiving your deposit, we will send you a link to a closed facebook group concerning this workshop with Yumi. The registered participants will be able to contact each other there for example to coordinate their travel arrangements or to find the roommate. The group is set up in Polish and most of its members will probably not speak English, but if there are some English speaking participants, you may still be able to find each other there.

All the updates on this event will be published on this site.

If you need any additional info, please send us an email at: spotkania@drogamistrzostwa.pl